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The reason to take the risk in consuming honey rather than other sugary foods is because of its low Glycemic Index.  Honey has a Glycemic Index of 55 compared to a baked potato, which is 85.  The Glycemic Index measures how a particular food affects the glucose levels in the blood.  The lower the rating, the slower the sugar is absorbed in the digestive system and the blood.  Thus, the infusion of glucose into the blood is reduced.

A Study conducted on 48 diabetics revealed that honey was healthier than consuming foods containing pure sugar.  The participants were given honey for 8 weeks and no sugar.  After the eight week period, they had lower body weight, as well at low triglycerides (bad cholesterol) levels, and their HDL (good) cholesterol increased.

Honey Contains Antioxidants

Unfiltered honey, which Cox's Honey proudly Produces, contains large amount of antioxidants.  Antioxidants strengthen the body's immune system and have been shown to lower the risk of disease and improve health.

Overall, honey is a natural food that decreases the risk for disease.  People who consume natural, unfiltered honey on a daily basis have lower risks for disease and better health.

Why not try taking a tablespoon of honey each day and see for yourself if nature's sweet can improve your health?

Honey Can Decrease the Risk Factors for Disease

​Science has shown that one of the biggest risk factors for disease is blood glucose levels.  The more glucose in the blood, the higher the risk for diabetes and other health problems.  So then why take the chance on honey when it contains sugar?

Honey is More Than Just a Sugary Liquid

Many people consider honey unhealthy because it contains sugar.  The sugar in honey is fructose, which is considered a fruit sugar, the sweetest type of all the sugars.  Therefore, many see it as being bad for the body.  But honey is more than just a sugary liquid to enjoy in recipes or as a spread on your toast.

Honey is a Natural Food

For one, honey is a natural food. It is not processed and preservatives are not added to maintain shelf-life.  In fact, honey can last in its natural stage, if stored properly, for hundreds if not thousands of years.  Studies have shown that natural foods ar better for the body than processed foods.

Is Honey Good For You???