beehive adoption

Honey Bee stings can

have Health Benefits​

Did You Know!!!​

 It takes 35 pounds of honey to  create enough energy for a  small colony of Honey Bees to  survive the winter!!!

 A Honey Bee Flies at a rate of  about 12 miles per hour!!!

 Honey Bee wings stroke 11,400  times per minute, thus making  their distinctive buzz!!!

Amazing Honey bee Facts

 In order to make 1 pound of honey,  2 million flowers must be visited!!!

 Did you know that Honey Bees have 5 eyes!!!

 The Honey Bee is not born knowing how to make honey, The  younger Honey Bees are taught by the more experienced ones!!!

 A Worker Honey Bee will produce 1/12 of  a teaspoon of honey in its life time!!!

 Worker Honey Bee

​ Drone Honey Bee

​ Queen Honey Bee

 A hive of Honey Bees must fly 55,000  miles to produce 1 pound of honey!!!

 Did you know that Honey Bees have 4 wings!!!

Three types of Honey Bees